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Mod Post: Community Requests for February's Challenge

That's right, we're bringing back community requests for our challenge next month!

How This Works: We're going to spend the next couple days compiling a list of community requests that you'd love to see your fellow het_reccers recommend fics for. We'll publish the list of those requests at the beginning of February, and spend the month helping our fellow comm members out with excellent fics!

What Can I Request?: Anything! You are of course welcome to request any specific ships you'd love to find fic for, but if you'd like to be more specific (i.e. "I've seen up to season five of The X-Files—anybody have any recs that don't spoil later seasons?") or more general (i.e. "Anybody have any good recs for fake dating fics?"), that's cool too. Blanket requests for fandoms or specific ships are, as always, 100% welcome.

Some example requests:

The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Gaby Teller/Ilya Kuryakin
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Enemies-to-lovers trope, any fandom welcome
The 100, Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake, anything set after the season 2 finale

A Few Things to Note (aka The Fine Print): You will be limited to THREE REQUESTS (if you request more things, only the first three will make the list). While this is an open format for requests, please remember that we are a het-focused reccing community: gen, slash, and poly ships are not the name of the game here. Also, please use both the FIRST AND LAST NAMES of any people you might request, along with telling us what fandom you're asking for. Don't assume people will know what you're talking about without being specific!

Where Can I Do This?: If you're on Tumblr, respond to this post or send an ask to het-reccers. If you're on LJ, comment here!
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