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The Autumn People by jenn (Smallville, Chloe/Lex)

Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Chloe/Lex
Title: The Autumn People
Author: jenn
Link: Here!
Rating/Warning(s): Mature (dark)
Word Count/WIP?: 8557/no
Recced on LiveJournal By: zantedesha

Why This Must Be Read: seren_ccd's rec for a Chloe/Lex fic sent me tracking down this old favourite of mine. Set nominally after Smallville ends (it was written around season five, I think, and it goes AU after season six), it's a dark exploration of two fundamentally lonely, damaged people. The tension between these two is palpable; there is danger written all over their interaction. Chloe is more weary and worn-down than she ever was in the show, but there is something painfully authentic in the way she both shows and shadows her feelings. It's as far away from fluff as you can get, but it's beautiful and real.

Faster than she's ever been able to move, liquid in motion, and she's against the wall, wet cold seeping through her cheap coat, warm, too-solid body against hers. Lex's hand slides into the waist of her jeans, hand on the butt of the gun. Years of self-defense bring her knee up, fists ready, but he evades her a little too casually and steps back, palming her gun. He studies it with more interest than he's ever directed at her. "Pretty toy."

"Blow a hole in your ass if you ever touch me again." She's breathing too fast, heart trip-hammer in her throat, and she means it. Every word.
Tags: fandom: smallville, ship: chloe sullivan/lex luthor

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