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Distinctions by CoffeeWench

Fandom: Discworld
Pairing: Susan Sto-Helit/Jonathan Teatime
Title: Distinctions
Author: CoffeeWench
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, violence, mild sexual situations
Word Count/WIP?: 88,775/No
Recced on LiveJournal By: seren_ccd
Special Rec: 6 of 30

Why This Must Be Read: Before you raise your eyebrows at the pairing, this is such an intricate and fun story and the author gets the Discworld discourse spot on. It goes a bit darker than Terry Pratchett goes, but not by much. The characterization is incredible and it’s a nice, long and involved story, perfect for a rainy Sunday. Susan is, naturally, amazing and nearly all of Discworld has a cameo. It takes place post-Hogfather.

*Mods, I need a new pairing tag, thank you! :D
Tags: fandom: discworld, ship: susan sto-helit/jonathan teatime, special reccer: seren_ccd

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